Best Face Mask for Exercise

If you are looking for an exercise mask that is appropriate for wearing at the gym, you will need to find one that is in accordance with the recommendations made by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The most effective face masks for athletes are those that minimize the amount of moisture that gets in and do not press too tightly against the mouth or nose.

The correct mask will completely cover both your mouth and nose, come with a nose wire that can be adjusted to fit around the bridge of your nose, and fit close to the sides of your face. Additionally, it will not have any gaps in it. Look for masks that have multiple layers of fabric that are both washable and breathable.

The N95 and KN95 masks offer the highest level of protection; however, it can be difficult to wear these masks comfortably while exercising. Nevertheless, N95 or KN95 masks are a good choice for other activities where you need to wear a mask, and the prices of these masks are dropping; they are now available for less than one dollar each. (Here are some masks suitable for everyday use as well as masks designed specifically for children.)

Fabric masks that can be reused and have filter bags that can be swapped out are yet another fantastic option for staying protected without sacrificing too much comfort.

Be wary, however, because some ventilation masks, which are also referred to as altitude training masks, do not provide much in the way of protection against disease. These masks are not intended to protect you from COVID-19 because they have ventilation holes that allow virus particles to escape. Instead, they are designed to teach you how to breathe more efficiently.

Find below a selection of breathable workout masks from brands such as Makrite N95 . NASK N95, and SanHuei N95 each of which offers varying degrees of virus protection while also being suitable for use during physical activity.


  1. Can I ask does the N95 filter the out breath too? Or is it only to be worn for protection and not if contagious?I read somewhere the blue surgical masks work the other way, filtering the out breath but not the in breath.

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